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February 07, 2018  Diamond Fields Announces Commencement of Work Programme on Beravina
February 05, 2018  Diamond Fields Appoints David Reading as Director and Grants Stock Options
January 24, 2018  Diamond Fields Announces Investor Relations Contract
December 21, 2017  Diamond Fields Announces Sale of Nickel Fields for US$400,000
December 18, 2017  Diamond Fields Confirms Receipt of Bulk Sampling Proceeds
December 06, 2017  Diamond Fields Reclaims its Iconic Name
December 05, 2017  Diamond Fields Announces Renewal of Namibian 10 Year Mining License
November 20, 2017  Diamond Fields International to Restart Gem Diamond Production
September 28, 2017  Diamond Fields Announces Namibian 10 Year Mining License Renewal Notification
December 12, 2016  Diamond Fields' Announces Change to Board of Directors and Grant of Stock Options under Fixed Stock Option Plan
November 28, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Antwerp Auction Sale
November 08, 2016  Diamond Fields Appoints Additional Director
September 21, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Closing Date for $1,000,000 Financing and Effective Date for 5:1 Consolidation
September 07, 2016  Diamond Fields Issues Shares Pursuant to Purchase Agreement for Beravina Zircon Deposit in Madagascar
August 30, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Revision to News Release dated August 29, 2016
August 29, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Share Capital Consolidation on a 5:1 Basis and Equity Financing for Cdn$1,000,000 at a Discount to Market
August 15, 2016  Diamond Fields Enters into Purchase Agreement for Beravina Zircon Deposit in Madagascar
July 18, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Update on Projects
July 12, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Commencement of Stage III of Offshore Marine Diamond Operations with IMDH
March 17, 2016  Diamond Fields Resolves Arbitration with the Government of Liberia
February 10, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Completion of Stage II of Offshore Marine Diamond Operations with IMDH
January 11, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Closing of US$300,000 Financing
January 04, 2016  Diamond Fields Announces Equity Financing US$300,000
November 16, 2015  Diamond Fields Engages in Offshore Sampling of Luderitz Concessions
August 20, 2015  Diamond Fields Announces Change to Board of Directors
June 05, 2015  Diamond Fields International Restarts Namibian Diamond Operations
March 03, 2015  Diamond Fields Announces Appointment of Additional Director
January 07, 2015  Diamond Fields Announces Change to Board of Directors
November 17, 2014  Diamond Fields Closes Cdn$360,000 Financial Arrangement
October 17, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces the Filing of Valozoro Nickel Project Exploration Update
October 09, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces Change to Board and Management
September 22, 2014  Termination of Afri-Can MOU and Development of Nambian Diamond Properties
September 12, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces the Re-filing of Atlantis II NI43-101 Maiden Resource Report
July 24, 2014  Diamond Fields Files Amended and Restated Q3 Financial Statements
July 15, 2014  News Release
July 02, 2014  News Release
June 06, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces the Appointment of Mr. Sybrand van der Spuy to the Board of Directors
March 28, 2014  Diamond Fields Replaces Convertible Debenture ($151,357)
March 25, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces the Replacement of a Convertible Debenture Maturing March 27, 2014 with a New Convertible Debenture for One Year Term
January 30, 2014  Diamond Fields in Dispute with Red Sea Joint Venture Partner
January 27, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces Positive Pre-Feasibility Study On Mining Lease 111 Off Coast Of Namibia, And The Departure Of Michael Cuthbert
January 13, 2014  Diamond Fields Announces Granting Of South African Marine Phosphate Exploration Licence
December 11, 2013  Diamond Fields Amends Articles to Provide for Notice and Access Regime
December 05, 2013  Diamond Fields Announces Afri-Can Marine Reaches Agreement For Development And Mining Of Diamond Fields' Mining Lease 111 And EPL 3403 Off Coast Of Namibia
October 01, 2013  Afri-Can Marine's 43-101 Report Estimates Indicated Resource of 413,000 Carats and 453,000 Carats of Inferred Resource on Diamond Fields Mining Lease 111 Off The Coast of Namibia
September 30, 2013  Afri-Can Marine's National Instrument 43-101 Report Estimates Indicated Resource of 413,000 Carats and 453,000 Carats of Inferred Resource on Diamond Fields Mining Lease 111 Off The Coast of Namibia
September 17, 2013  Diamond Fields Adopts Advance Notice Policy
September 10, 2013  Diamond Fields Closes Cdn$1,000,000 Financial Arrangement
July 19, 2013  Diamond Fields' Grants Stock Options Under Fixed Stock Option Plan
July 17, 2013  Diamond Fields' Adopts Fixed Stock Option Plan
June 17, 2013  Diamond Fields Appoints New Chairman and Board Members
May 24, 2013  Diamond Fields Announces Convertible Debenture Due Date Extended
May 16, 2013  Diamond Fields Closes $200,000 Financing, Advises of Change of Listing Status, and Confirms Certain Securities to be Held in Escrow
May 13, 2013  Diamond Fields Negotiates Cdn$200,000 Financing
March 21, 2013  Diamond Fields Signs Joint Venture Option with Afri-Can Marine Minerals to Further Develop DFI's Namibian Diamond Leases
March 14, 2013  Diamond Fields Advised of De-Listing on Toronto Stock Exchange
March 06, 2013  Diamond Fields Signs Exploration Agreement with Republic of Sudan
January 07, 2013  Diamond Fields Closes Non-Brokered $650,000 Financing
December 10, 2012  Diamond Fields Secures Interim Financing
November 13, 2012  Company Update
November 07, 2012  Diamond Fields Extends and Re-Prices Convertible Debenture
October 09, 2012  DFI Changes Officers
May 01, 2012  DFI Namibian Property
November 25, 2011  Diamond Fields Closes $1,128,000 Financing
November 01, 2011  Updated NI 43-101 Resource Estimate for Atlantis II Deposit to Include Manganese Values
July 26, 2011  D.F.I's Red Sea Silver/Zinc/Copper Polymetallic Deposit Becomes First Marine Sedex in History to have Third Party National Instrument 43-101 Resource Report Completed
April 04, 2011  Significant Gold Values Confirmed from Atlantis II Resource
March 15, 2011  Diamond Fields To Display Red Sea Cores
March 07, 2011  Spirit Resources SARL Advises of Intention to Acquire Additional Diamond Fields Shares
February 14, 2011  Survey Ship Begins Work on Diamond Fields' Atlantis II JV Mining License
February 09, 2011  Diamond Fields Initiates US Action Against Liberia on DFI Gold Property
January 27, 2011  No Material Events to Announce
October 19, 2010  Diamond Fields Closes Non-Brokered $1,229,858 Financing
September 13, 2010  Red Sea Project Update
August 16, 2010  Atlantis II Zinc, Copper and Silver Deposit Update
August 09, 2010  Diamond Fields Announces Management Change
June 04, 2010  Diamond Fields' Joint Venture Company Granted Mining License over World Class Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold Project
April 29, 2010  Diamond Fields Closes $499,980 Financing
March 24, 2010  Diamond Fields and David Heydon Sign Deep Sea Mining Agreement
October 26, 2009  DFI Expands Marine Operations to Include Other Mineral Deposits
July 14, 2009  Diamond Fields Records Strong Diamond Sales
July 07, 2009  Diamond Fields Renews Zambian License and Confirms Significant Copper Zinc Resource
February 06, 2009  Resignation of Director
December 19, 2008  Diamond Fields International - Press Release
December 01, 2008  Diamond Fields Moves Forward with Liberia Gold Project and Acquires Bonaparte Diamond Mine NL's Interests in DFI's Namibian Concessions
September 25, 2008  Diamond Fields' Consolidates Share Capital on a 5:1 Basis
September 17, 2008  Diamond Fields' Operations, Exploration and Share Capital Consolidation Update
May 26, 2008  Diamond Fields Begins Operations in Marshall Forks
May 26, 2008  Diamond Fields International Appoints Auditor
May 01, 2008  Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer
April 28, 2008  DFI Hits Record Diamond Sales Prices
April 25, 2008  DFI Announces Corporate Changes
January 22, 2008  Appointment of Chairman
December 24, 2007  Appointment of New President and CEO
December 07, 2007  Strong preliminary results from 2007 marine sampling programme in Namibia; diamond sales and production update
November 15, 2007  Management Appointment
November 13, 2007  Diamond Fields Awarded New Namibian Marine Diamond Mining Licences
November 08, 2007  Diamond Fields' Liberia Gold Discovery Increases in Size to Cover an Area of 3.52 km2 and a Strike Length of 5.5 km
November 05, 2007  Diamond Fields: Proposed 1:5 Share Consolidation
October 09, 2007  Namibian Marine Operations Update
October 02, 2007  Diamond Fields Board Changes
October 01, 2007  Advanced Exploration of Madagascar Nickel Deposit in Progress
September 24, 2007  Ed Flood Joins Diamond Fields Board
September 19, 2007  Extensive Gold Sampling Programme completed in Liberia
September 06, 2007  Diamond Sale, Marine Mining and Exploration Update
August 01, 2007  Strong Marine Production and Sales for the Quarter ended June 30, 2007
July 26, 2007  Diamond Fields: Conversion of Debt
July 24, 2007  Diamond Fields' New Joint Venture for Exploration in Zambia Adjacent to D.R.C Kipushi Zinc/ Copper /Germanium mine.
July 16, 2007  Expansion of Namibian Joint Operations and Sales and Production Update
June 22, 2007  Diamond Fields: Minority Shareholders Approve Convertible Debt
June 07, 2007  Excellent production continues from Namibian marine diamond project
May 25, 2007  Appointment of New Director
May 23, 2007  Good Marine Production Continues and 3rd Sales Result
May 15, 2007  Diamond Fields: Closing of US$10 Million Private Placement
May 09, 2007  Diamond Fields: Nickel Exploration Update
May 03, 2007  Diamond Fields to Raise up to US$10 Million Shareholders' Meeting to Approve Convertibility of Spirit Credit Facility
April 25, 2007  Latest Marine Diamond Sales and Production Update
March 28, 2007  Diamond Fields' Continues from Yukon to British Columbia
March 14, 2007  Record Sales Price and Production Update
February 27, 2007  US$1.5 Million Credit Facility Transaction and Consolidation of Debt
February 20, 2007  Formal Mining Agreement And Continued Strong Diamond Recoveries From Early Offshore Joint Operations
February 07, 2007  Strong diamond recoveries from initial offshore joint operations
February 05, 2007  Diamond Fields' Rights Offering Closed
January 29, 2007  Mining Commences in Joint Operations Area
January 24, 2007  Rights Offering Expires Tuesday, January 30, 2007
January 04, 2007  63,000 Carats Indicated Resource Estimated in Joint Operations Area and Retirement of Director
December 18, 2006  Rights Offering
December 05, 2006  Sale of real estate properties in Luderitz, Namibia
November 28, 2006  Proposed Continuation from Yukon Territory to British Columbia
November 23, 2006  Interim Financial Statements Filed, Rights Offering Filings To Proceed And Resumption Of Mining In Namibia
November 20, 2006  Diamond Fields Resumes Marine Mining Operations
November 06, 2006  Resource Development Progress and Vessel Update
November 03, 2006  Annual Financial Statements Filed, Removal of Management Cease Trade Orders and Rights Offering Update
October 26, 2006  Default Status Report Pursuant to CSA Staff Notice 57-301
October 12, 2006  Default Status Report Pursuant to CSA Staff Notice 57-301
October 03, 2006  Resource Development Progress and Vessel Update
September 29, 2006  Notice of Default Pursuant to CSA Staff Notice 57-301
September 01, 2006  Standby Guarantee Agreement for Proposed Rights Offering
August 18, 2006  Joint Operations Agreement for Resource Development in ML111
August 08, 2006  Diamond Fields Update
July 04, 2006  Diamond Fields Update
June 13, 2006  News Release
May 30, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Update on Gold Exploration in Liberia
May 23, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Third Quarter Results
May 19, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Update on Delay in Filing 3rd Quarter Financial Statements
May 18, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Delay in Filing of Quarterly Report
May 16, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Diamond Discovery in Liberian Exploration and Updates on Namibian Marine Diamond Project
May 04, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Latest Diamond Sale
April 20, 2006  Diamond Fields Announces Joint Operations Agreement to Advance Development of EPL 1607b Area
April 18, 2006  Diamond Fields Files Updated Technical Report on Sea Diamonds Project
March 29, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Recent Diamond Sale
March 08, 2006  Diamond Fields Announces the Discovery of a Second Kimberlite in Liberia
March 01, 2006  Diamond Fields International Ltd. and Moydow Mines International Inc. Announce Proposed Business Combination
February 28, 2006  Diamond Fields Moves Head Office to Cape Town, South Africa
February 17, 2006  Diamond Fields Reports Second Quarter Results
February 08, 2006  Diamond Fields Updates on Marine Diamond Mining and Liberian Diamond and Gold Exploration
January 09, 2006  Diamond Fields Announces the Discovery of Kimberlite in Liberia and Progress with Gold Exploration
December 28, 2005  Diamond Fields Announces Appointment of new CFO and Inco's Withdrawal from Greenland Nickel Project
December 16, 2005  Diamond Fields Update on Exploration in Liberia and Namibian Sea Diamond Mining
December 02, 2005  Diamond Fields Appoints Mr. Roger Daniel as President, CEO
November 18, 2005  Diamond Fields Provides Corporate Update
November 07, 2005  Diamond Fields Closes Private Placement of Cdn$6,096,735
October 24, 2005  Diamond Fields to Raise Cdn$5,000,000
October 06, 2005  Diamond Fields Releases its 2005 Annual Financial Statements and Provides Updates on Sea Diamond Mining and Exploration Projects
September 06, 2005  Diamond Fields Reports Second Diamond Sale in 2005
August 02, 2005  Diamond Fields Announces a Second Agreement with Inco Limited on Greenland Nickel Project
July 18, 2005  Diamond Fields Reports Initial Diamond Sale
June 22, 2005  Diamond Fields Resumes Diamond Production in Namibia
June 07, 2005  Private Placement Closed (Amended)
June 02, 2005  Diamond Fields Announces Agreement with Inco Limited on Greenland Nickel Project
May 17, 2005  Diamond Fields Reports Third Quarter Results
May 17, 2005  Diamond Fields to resume diamond production and arranges financing
May 13, 2005  Diamond Fields Negotiates Alternative Financing
April 29, 2005  Diamond Fields Eliminates Royalty Obligations
April 13, 2005  Not for Viewing or Distribution in the USA
March 29, 2005  Diamond Fields Announces Five Additional Priority Kimberlite Targets in the Grand Cape Diamond Prospect
February 15, 2005  Diamond Fields Reports Earnings for Six-Month Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
February 08, 2005  Diamond Fields Progress Announces Liberian Gold and Diamond Exploration Results
February 01, 2005  Diamond Fields Announces Early Stage Progress in Liberian Diamond Hunt
January 18, 2005  Diamond Fields Year End Review of Projects
November 29, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Preliminary Exploration Results for Greenland and Update on other Projects
November 15, 2004  Diamond Fields Reports First Quarter Earnings
October 20, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Acquisition of New Sea Diamond Mining Technology
October 14, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Ship Acquisition and Reports Diamond Production
October 01, 2004  Amended Agreement
September 09, 2004  Diamond Fields Sells US $1,592,400 of Diamonds at $200 per Carat
August 17, 2004  Diamond Fields Drills Nickel-Copper Sulfide and Titanium Mineralization in Norway
August 12, 2004  Diamond Fields Options Two Projects in Liberia
July 15, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Acquisition of Drill-Ready Finland Diamond Exploration Properties and Other Interests
July 12, 2004  Diamond Fields Sells 7,127 Carats of Diamonds for a DFI Record Average Price of US$239 per carat
July 06, 2004  Diamond Fields JV Recovers 20,916 Carats of Diamonds in 22 days of Production in Marshall Fork, Namibia
July 05, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Joint Venture and Property Acquisition in Greenland and Norway Drilling Update
June 09, 2004  Diamond Fields / Samicor Joint Venture Commence Mining Operations in Namibia
May 28, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Jack McOuat to the Board of Directors and Reports Third Quarter Results
April 28, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Acquisition of Diamond and Gold Projects in Liberia
April 23, 2004  Diamond Fields / Samicor Joint Venture On Schedule To Commence Mining Operations In Namibia At The End Of May
April 15, 2004  Diamond Fields Announces Acquisition of Nickel-Copper Project in Norway
April 07, 2004  Diamond Fields Closes Acquisition of Remaining Interest in Subsidiary
March 04, 2004  Valozoro Nickel Update
March 01, 2004  Diamond Fields Reports Second Quarter Results
February 24, 2004  Diamond Fields Appoints COO/CFO
February 19, 2004  Diamond Fields Signs Joint Venture to Recommence Diamond Production in Namibia
January 26, 2004  Greenland Nickel Project Exploration Update
January 23, 2004  Namibian Marine Diamond Project Update
December 23, 2003  Diamond Fields Obtains Shareholder Approval For Subscription Receipts Financing
December 01, 2003  Diamond Fields reports first quarter results
December 01, 2003  Diamond Fields Completes $8.1 Million Financing
November 20, 2003  Diamond Fields produces 5,394 carats of diamonds
November 14, 2003  Diamond Fields International Inc. Reports Year End Results
November 10, 2003  Diamond Fields-options nickel deposit in Madagascar
October 21, 2003  Diamond Fields Announces $8.1 Million Financing
September 30, 2003  Diamond Fields Resumes Marine Diamond Mining
September 24, 2003  Diamond Fields -- Appoints Mr. Edward L. Mercaldo (Ex Diamond Fields Resources CFO And Director) As Senior Advisor
September 17, 2003  Diamond Fields - MV Anya Sailing For Luderitz Blue Bay Project Area To Resume Diamond Mining
September 15, 2003  Diamond Fields - Kimberlite Indicator Minerals & Diamond Discovered On DFI's Sierra Leone Properties
September 08, 2003  Diamond Fields - Confirms 23 & 8 Carat Diamonds From Madagascar
September 04, 2003  Diamond Fields - Greenland Nickel Discovery
July 31, 2003  Diamond Fields Agrees To Acquire Extensive Collection Of Diamond And Nickel Exploration Properties
July 17, 2003  Diamond Fields International Ltd. Announces Operations Update
June 19, 2003  Diamond Fields Announces Changes To Board And Management
June 06, 2003  Diamond Fields International Ltd. Announces Operations Update
June 03, 2003  Diamond Fields International Ltd. Announces Third Quarter Results
April 30, 2003  Diamond Fields International Extends Operating Agreement on M.V. Anya
April 22, 2003  Diamond Fields Announces Change To Board Of Directors
April 07, 2003  Diamond Fields International Reports Largest Sale Of 95% Gem Quality Diamonds This Year
March 05, 2003  Diamond Fields Reports Recovery Of Over 4,800 Carats Of Exceptional 95% Gem Quality Diamonds Mined At Its Luderitz Concession And The Sale Of 3215 Carats
March 04, 2003  Diamond Fields International Ltd. Announces Second Quarter Results
February 03, 2003  Diamond Fields Starts Mining with Second Vessel To Increase Diamond Production on Luderitz Blue Bay Project
January 30, 2003  Diamond Fields Advances Exploration To Increase Reserves Of 95% Gem Quality Diamonds In Its 100% Owned Luderitz Blue Bay Project Concessions
January 27, 2003  Diamond Fields Sells Entire Shipment Of 3,532 Carats Of Diamonds At An Average Price Of Us$132.52 Per Carat
January 23, 2003  Diamond Fields Mines Approximately 4,700 Carats Of 95% Gem Quality Diamonds At Its 100% Owned Luderitz Concession - Grades Exceed Expectations
December 18, 2002  Diamond Fields Is Back In Diamond Production
December 13, 2002  Diamond Fields Settles Lawsuit With Trans Hex And Mil Loan Is Reinstated
November 25, 2002  Boulle Wins Proxy Battle for Control of Diamond Fields International Ltd.
November 07, 2002  Mining To Resume At Diamond Fields' Luderitz Concessions
July 15, 2002  Diamond Fields Awarded Exploration Rights In South Africa
June 05, 2002  Diamond Fields International Files A Notice Of Intention To Make A Normal Course Issuer Bid
March 04, 2002  Diamond Prices Continue To Rise
February 28, 2002  Operating Margin Improves In Second Quarter
February 05, 2002  Diamond Fields Reports Progress On Western Marshall Fork Feature, Namibia
November 14, 2001  Diamond Fields Achieves Positive Operating Margin in First Quarter
April 05, 2001  Roger Daniel Appointed As Director Of Operations
March 12, 2001  Diamond Fields Receives Government Of Namibia's Formal Approval For Joint Venture
March 06, 2001  Diamond Fields And Trans Hex Sign Joint Venture Agreement
February 01, 2001  Diamond Fields Receives Formal Documentation For Mining License Ml111
January 29, 2001  Diamond Fields Arranges Marketing Agreement, Procurement Of A Us $2 Million Loan, And Acquisition Of 24% Of Diamond Tenders
January 18, 2001  Diamond Fields To Receive Mining License For Namibian Sea Diamonds Project Area
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