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Diamond Fields was originally founded as Diamond Fields Resources Inc. (TSE:DFR) by Mr. Jean-Raymond Boulle in 1993. Diamond Fields Resources (DFR) discovered the massive Voisey's Bay nickel deposit, and in 1996 DFR was sold to INCO for CDN$4.3 billion. Diamond assets of DFR were spun off into Diamond Fields International Ltd. (DFI). Diamond Fields International Ltd. is focused on diamonds, gold and base metal opportunities worldwide.

The members of Diamond Fields management team bring strong technical, geological and financial expertise to the Company. Below you will find a list of all the directors and management as well as a brief summary on each.

 Sybrand Van Der Spuy
Position: CEO, President and Director

Mr. Sybie van der Spuy, a South African, retired in 1998 as a Lieutenant Colonel from the the South African National Defence Force where after he pursed a career in consulting and management of projects in the area of risk management. Here he focused internationally on mining as well as the oil and gas industry. He also advised strategically at government and NGO management levels in operational and critical infrastructure matters applying his extensive Middle Eastern and African experience in these fields.

 Earl Young
Position: CFO, Secretary and Director

Mr. Young has served in the role of Advisor, Corporate Officer and Director of companies in the United States and abroad. He has business experience with Fortune 5000 companies and Investment Banking firms in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and London. Mr. Young has worked with Presidents, Cabinet Ministers and Ambassadors of many of the World Bank approved countries of sub-Sahara, and has led negotiations with OPIC, World Bank, and USAID on their behalf and that of public and private corporations. Working with U.S. Senators and Congressmen, Mr. Young has secured representation for funding in the U.S. Appropriations Bills of 2007 and 2008.

 Norman Roderic Baker
Position: Director

Norman Roderic Baker is a geologist. Since 1989 Mr. Baker has been a self-employed mining geologist engaged in pursuit of his individual interests in Venezuela and Brazil. Mr. Baker has also acted as a consulting geologist for other mining companies. Mr. Baker was a founding director of Diamond Fields Resources Inc.

 Ian G.D. Ransome
Position: Director

Mr. Ransome was born in Singapore and educated in the United Kingdom, where he obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) degree in geology .He subsequently undertook post graduate studies for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in South Africa, prior to working as a consultant in the mineral exploration industry. Ian brings to the Company over 20 years of exploration management experience in Africa, including over fifteen years experience in West Africa, where he has worked in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, Liberia and Benin, primarily in diamond and gold exploration. Mr. Ransome, who has been a geological consultant for the Company since 2007, was responsible for developing Diamond Fields' onshore exploration programs in Liberia, Madagascar and Zambia, and has been involved in the assessment of potential acquisition projects as well as in the day to day management of the Company.

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